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Richard Mille Replica Watches has created a magnificent piece that is pushing the boundaries of its category. MusicMachine 2 is a novel music box that represents a new chapter. Its design is clearly based on the iconic USS Entriprise from the Star Trek series. This is not only because it plays music from the show but it also has the complexity of a future-looking spaceship. This is the most technically advanced artifact to date. It has qualities not found in other music boxes. It produces stereo melodies no matter where it is placed. Richard Mille Replica Watches MusicMachine2 comes in two limited editions. 66 pieces are in black and 33 others have white coating on the aluminum dome. The amazing music box costs $21,500.

Richard Mille Replica Watches teamed with JMC Lutherie and Reuge to create a product which represents a qualitative leap for its category. This latter brand is responsible for creating the soundboard that gives the MusicMachine it's unique properties.Richard Mille Replica Watches It is based on a combination of high-tech materials and the work by traditional artisans who carefully select one out of hundreds of 350-year old spruce to include in the structure.

Six Songs: Three Sci-Fi themes and Three More Rock 'N" Roll classics. MusicMachine 2 can play six melodies, which are controlled by two complex movements. Each melody is set in its own cylinder with a design that looks like the exhaust pipes of a spaceship. The left cylinder plays iconic sci-fi themes while the right cylinder plays three more classic rock 'n roll songs. The cylinders are rotated in opposite directions to distinguish between the two music sets.

Maxilimilian's passion for science fiction and rock music, in addition to his watchmaking skills, led him to design the music box that plays the second Richard Mille Replica Watches from the planned trio. The Swiss watchmaker's founder (whose name is Richard Mille Replica Watches) loves science fiction and rock. MusicMachine2 is a sci-fi score player that plays three well-known scores.roger dubuis replica The first is a Star Trek theme, which was expected as the product resembles the Federation starship of the show. The other two melodies, the main theme and the score that is played when Darth Vader appears in the scene, are for fans of the Star Wars franchise.

The right cylinder is used to show the other passion of the founder. The music box plays three classic rock songs - Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin; Angie, by the Rolling Stones; and Should I Stay or Should I Go, by the Clash. This is a unique choice, and one that you wouldn't expect to hear in a music box. But it makes sense, given the unusual nature of the item, the other songs, its radical design, and Richard Mille Replica Watches's policy of making products that stand out.

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